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POPTROPICA: Insiders Guide

Poptropica  markets itself as a role-playing game that is played online. The game was developed by Jeff Kinney Group and published by Family Network. It was released in the months of July and September of 2007. This is an educational game geared towards children between the ages of 6 to 15. The object of the game is to complete quests called islands. A novel game entails a change in the island, and advanced notice is always given when a new island is created. While completing these quests, children will be required to travel and communicate with each other. Prior to 2010, this was a free game. Currently, membership fees are in existence and start with as little as $3.95 US every month or $10.95 for six months up to $19.95 for a year round membership. Prices will differ according to the player’s country of origin. By simply clicking on your country, the corresponding price will be automatically displayed. Paid memberships have several benefits. You will be able to get items found in the store, quick access to a new island and access to unique costumes for your avatar. By buying Poptropica credits, you can acquire extraordinary abilities for your avatar. If you finish a game, you will win credits. Computer requirements for playing the game include an internet connection, a minimum of 512 MB of RAM including Adobe flash. All games are exclusively played at the Poptropica’s web site.


Children who have played Poptropica will surely recognize characters from Nintendo DS version, Poptropica Adventures. Even though there is no relationship between the online version and DS, the popularity of Poptropica on Nintendo DS makes the game as well as its mission a convincing point for the masses. Poptropica enables you to acquire characters and up to 3 islands with you depending on where you may want to travel and play. The ability to customize your avatars and the effortless way you travel from one island to another will definitely excite all children. While three islands only are available for playing in this version, there are plenty of gaming hours for the children who enjoy customizing their avatar and seeing the end result of the game.

However, if a child has previously played Poptropica, they will surely know other places for getting experience and exploration. The DS version is much smaller than its online version. You will able to travel to different islands, acquire costumes for your character, get artifacts from the museum and play mini-games. However this will soon become monotonous. There are no levels, but you still have to complete mini-games to proceed further. For example, the curator of the museum expects you to gather as many different artifacts but you will not be rewarded for your efforts and no explanation is given as to the purpose of you being on this mission. You are only aware that the curator is a man experiencing memory loss and who does not remember where anything is in the museum. Only a handful set of instructions are provided, directing your movement around the island. You will be allowed to communicate with other characters and some of them might give you clues about where to go, but it’s communicated in code language that is very confusing and frustrating to comprehend. The vivid colors and action-filled sequences may excite some folk, but many might not enjoy playing this game. From the pointless conversations to the constant repetitions in actions that are necessary to play the mini-games, these games were promptly eliminated from the DS collection of games.


New members have to fashion an avatar to act as their own virtual personality. The features can be altered anytime. Avatar names are chosen from non-colourful language choices. Players communicate with each other via a pre-scripted chat. When the Chat is in safe-mode, players choose words from a pre-prepared list. Players purchase items for their personalities may from the store. Most are costumes while others include special abilities. When an avatar finishes a game, they win a medal enabling them to shop at Poptropica store.

The main theme of the game is the adventure that awaits your avatar as he or she completes tasks on each island. These are plots requiring players to solve puzzles and clues from historical event. Some plots might be complex for young players, however several of the islands have been created, there will be plenty of options to choose from as there is ample content available. In July 2011, Poptropica reopened all old islands for players for replay. There are now more than 19 islands for selection.

The Benefit

Poptropica games is a involving role-playing, published by an educational company. It also appeals to children up to age 15. The appeal to small children may be because there is an absence of violence and a non-safe chat. The added bonus is the educational parts and plots of all the islands.

To be able to design an educational MMO that is successful, is quite a feat. It must engage older players. Poptropica’s success lies in its educational component because it includes humor, complex graphics and an intellectual but easy to understand plot. Poptropica is therefore a success!

Another added advantage of Poptropica is that free chatting is not allowed. In a virtual setting, it is next to impossible to moderate a chat room for inappropriate use of language. Poptropica avoided this grey area by only providing a prescribed chat room. The graphics and design of the website are outstanding. The avatars have a friendly personality which will make playing with them enjoyable! Risky behaviours such as drinking and smoking, drug are prohibited. There is next to no violence and a spider is probably the scariest encounter.

Online Safety is where most online chat portals lose marks. Poptropica owners have enabled only scripted chat to counter this issue. Personal information is never collected and it can never be “accidentally” shared.

Parents retain complete control over paying and maintaining memberships. Their safety policy is easy to spot.


People expect more from video games today than simply provide entertainment. Developers are designing games that expand important skills in education such as Math and Reading that are part of the school curriculum. Online hosts like FunBrain.com design activities for students as well as gear teachers to improve students’ classroom performance.

About Fun Brain

Poptropica funbrainPoptropica FunBrain was created by the Family Education Network in 1992, since then has been providing games that one can download, as well as teach many subjects. All games have no charge and pertain to age groups, ranging from age 6 to 17 years of age.

Examples of Games

Games at FunBrain address many subjects such as mathematics, the arts, sciences and history as well as geography. For example, in “Math Car” children can learn about adding and substracting, multiplying and dividing. When a child provides correct answers to the questions, their car will head towards the end. “Brain Bowl” requires a general knowledge base that holds competitions. They also feature a number of Reading games such as Grammar Gorillas and Word Confusion.

Games can be played in the same manner as you would play Sudoku, Sports and mazes. When the child completes a game with success, he or she will develop expertise with a school subject. This system also provides correct answers if the child makes errors.

At FunBrain, users can also find other games. “Poptropica” is a popular game which addresses sills like problem solving and logical reasoning.


FunBrain can be a useful resource in classrooms. Teachers can access sample quizzes to use in their classrooms. Teachers can register online to obtain teaching advice and updates for upcoming new games in order to assist their students. Parents can also subscribe to Fun Brain’s email updates.


Top 3 games:

1) Turbospot

Category: Education

Turbospot is an exciting action game! Why is that so? Because you are given a small time frame to find 1 difference out of 3 in each of 100 levels. There are many targets to collect and 50 levels more to unlock!

How to play: Spot and select the differences with your left mouse key. Collect as many completed targets as possible to unfold more levels and the difficult stage.


2) Minute Math Sequences


Minute Math Sequences are a new installment in the popular and successful Math Minute franchise that will flex your brain muscles! Answer as many chains as possible, all within a minute! Does this sound challenging enough for you?

3) Tommy vs Birds

Category: Adventure

Tommy vs Birds is a fun shooting adventure game where a greedy magpie steals a coin-filled purse. Tommy requires your assistance to retrieve his coins. You will need to fire blocks and gather coins. Complete over 29 fun-filled levels and answer 30 puzzles! Your purse must be safe guarded from those pesky magpies. This game is fun and free. It can be found at Funbrain247.com

Instructions: Help Tommy to get his coins back! Play with the mouse.

Poptropica vs Club Penguin

Poptropica was launched as an educational game meant for kids between the ages of 6 and 15 by the Family Education Network. It was launched in September 2011 and is in the format of a game where kids communicate with each other, play games as well as go along in a secure mode. The game play remains constant for most of the game with very minor changes. However, they have also launched another mode of game play called Island that changes often. The way the island is structured changes once in a while and players are intimated before a new island is created.

Poptropica Poptropica When it was first launched, Poptropica did not have any membership fees. However, now the structure of membership is at $3.95 per month if you want to sign up for a month; or $10.95 for six months and if you want a yearly subscription, it comes at $19.95. The pricing is also dependent on the nationality of the player. Based on the country you pick, the appropriate prices are shown. In addition to access to the game, members also get access to the Poptropica store and are also privy to the new Islands that are built. Players can also try on different costumes and customize their avatar based on the number of credits they have. These credits are added to one’s account based on how many games are completed. To play this game, one needs to have a good internet connection and also RAM of 512MB at least. Since all these games are flash based, the browser needs to have Adobe Flash Player installed.


When the game begins, the players first need to make up their avatar which is their virtual persona displayed to others. Their characteristics can be changed as you go along. You also need to give a name to your avatar and be sure to give something unique to your avatar that is already not taken. Players can also interact with each other through the chat rooms that are there. However, one need not worry about these chat rooms because most of the chat content is preset. There is no option to input chat text by players.

There are various items that can be bought from the Poptropica store in order to make costumes look better and also to get some powers to help progress in the game. There are awards and trophies that are given when a player crosses a particular stage in the game and this can be used in the Poptropica store to upgrade.

The main goal of the game is to overcome various challenges in the Island adventure successfully. There are different adventures in the game which all have specific plot and game play. It involves solving mysteries by way of riddles and clues from the previous levels. They are also educational in nature. A lot of these plots might end up becoming very difficult for kids who are very young but because there are multiple islands on the game, they can choose from something that is easy for a particular age group. As of July 2011, there were 20 different islands that were available for game play for players to choose from.

The Good Part

Poptropica game is mostly considered as an educational game that is suited for kids from the ages of 6 to 15 where maximum amount of learning can take place. The reason why it is best suited for and is most popular among kids of that age is because there is absolutely no explicit content and the interaction is also very secure. And the other reason is that because it is educational and the structured way in which the islands are built is attractive to children. The biggest challenge has been creating a multiplayer online game that can generate curiosity and keep kids glued to these games that are otherwise meant for and enjoyed by adults alone. In order for it to be successful, even though Poptropica chooses to educate kids while they play, it should be in a funny and lighthearted way that won’t drive the kids away. Poptropica has done all these things well to help kids understand as well as enjoy what they look at.

As a parent, the biggest worry is about interaction if the games claim they are interactive. Although there is a chat box, real chat is never allowed. Players can only tell each other preset lines that are present in the chat option thereby making chats very safe. The way the game is designed too is very kid friendly. There are no objectionable creatures and the avatars created by the players are also quite easy to like. You will not have to be worried about alcohol, sex or drug presence on these games. Your kid will not even be subjected to obscene language. The amount of violence on the game is quite low and your kid will not be scared at any juncture in the game.

The Bad

You will not be able to get any merchandise for the avatars when you are not playing the game. However, this is a very minor negative point when you look at all the positives you get out of this game.

Online Security

The only part in the entire game that some parents might find objectionable is the chat window. The makes of this game have decided not to make the chat fully interactive and totally in the hands of the players. This will definitely compromise safety therefore, the players are allowed only preset chat that is completely secure and safe.

Club Penguin

Club Penguin is a website which was launched in October 2005 by Club Penguin Entertainment that was later bought over by The Walt Disney Company in 2007. This website has many games which are also in the form of activities for kids between 6 and 14. The look and feel of the website is like Disney’s brand too. This game too has different avatars for players that can be customized based on tastes. The website and the games on it can be tried for free but if you want access to the full range of games, one needs to become a member for $7.95 a month and if you want a 6 month membership it is available at $39.95 and for a year it is priced at $59.95. Members get access to the whole range of parties and activities. What’s great is that the website is also available in different languages such as French, Portuguese, Spanish and German.


To start off with, the theme is that of a snowy place where the characters are penguins in their natural habitat. The player then needs to build igloo for the penguin that can later be customized based on the player’s tastes. Also, igloos are present on the map in the game in order for players to find them. Players are also allowed to own pets which are called as Puffles. Also, to showcase their creative side, players can even publish articles on the local virtual newspaper called The Club Penguin Times.

When the game first starts off, players come to “The Town” that is basically a set of stores which are present in any town. There are also a host of Christmas and Halloween parties that happen on a regular monthly basis that only members can attend. There are different sets of clothing and even food items that are for sale during these parties that can be bought in exchange for coins that are earned during the course of the game. There is also a chat facility for players to talk to each other and make friends with each other. There are fancy and attractive emoticons that can be used in the game.

The Good

The good thing about Club Penguin is that it is very innocent in its nature and is mostly meant for kids who are under 10. It is for playing harmless and simple games while developing their friendship with other kids. The main characters you’ll see in this game are in the form of penguins that are again very cute to look at.

Because Disney maintains this, they are very particular about how safe the system is. There are only pre-scripted chat phrases that can be sent via the chat feature on Club Penguin. The Standard Safe Chat feature makes sure there is no trace of obscene or violent behavior. Players are not allowed to use any profanity on the game. Even if someone tries to, it is filtered out.

The Bad

Although it is said that this game is for children between ages of 6 and 14, the kind of graphics on the game make it look like it is meant for children who are below the age of 10. In fact the game will be most enjoyed by children in kindergarten alone.

Also, given the number of stores and accessories that there are in the game, parents might feel that there is an increasing amount of consumerism in the game. The kind of mindset it might bring in the children might not be desirable for kids of that age.

Online Security

The best thing about this website is about how secure they have made it for kids. There is absolutely no way any kind of personal information will make its way into any chats including gender. Parents are encouraged to involve themselves in the game and therefore look at the kind of interactions their kids have online. Whatever personal and financial information is collected is in strict accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

How To Look For Online Games for Kids?

Looking for the right kind of online game can be difficult especially if it is for children. There are a ton of websites that you can choose to look at to find the right kind of game that can be entertaining as well as educative. We bring to you some tips to help you in your quest for finding the right kind of online games for children.

  • Poptropica GamesLYou can start off by visiting websites like Kaboose, Niclelodeon, Yahooligans, PBS Kids, Family Fun or Noggin. These are websites run by TV channels meant for kids therefore they might have games that are suited for young people. A lot of these games can help your kid learn as well. For example, there is a game on PBS Kids called Curious George that helps children learn numbers and alphabets while playing it.
  • Your children can team up with other kids at places like Webkinz or Club Penguin. These are websites that encourage interaction and especially with Club Penguin, it is a game where the player can interact with others on the game while moving penguins from one world to another. The good thing about these games is that they are safe and secure and you will not have to worry about identity being revealed. Also, with Webkinz, you are not required to buy stuffed animals in order to have access to the website and games.
  • Be sure to show your kids the Disney website for games. There are a bunch of games on the Disney website that are suited for preschoolers as well which are educational in nature. Apart from the regular Disney games, you can even access the Disney Toontown website which will help your kid access a totally new world where he or she can create a character of their own and even work together wit their friends on all kinds of gags and challenges that include defeating evil robot cogs.
  • There are other games that can be played online on websites like Scholastic or Primary Games. These are sites that provide games that are educational in nature and help kids learn math, arts, science as well as social studies. Even sites like Learning Planet, Discovery Kids and even the NASA Kids Club help kids learn about a lot of things around them including the solar system.
  • If your kids are slightly older, there are games like Final Fantasy XI or World of Warcraft that might be suited for them. These are interactive games too that can be used for friends to team up and play.

Whether it is Disney or any other website you need to be sure of the kind of game your kid is playing based on his or her age group. So you need to be very careful about what kind of game your kid is playing. There are safety features on these websites that can be exercised by parents to control the kind of interaction kids have with each other too. Also, ensure that the computer is positioned in a place in your house where you can view what is happening on the screen discreetly. Keep a tab on the history of the browser to make sure you are aware of what your kids are playing.


Poptropica GamePoptropica  is an online, adventure and educational game, developed by the Jeff Kinney Group and published by Pearson Education. Poptropica was officially launched in 2007 by The Family Education Group. It is a virtual world where children ages 6-15 receive an avatar upon entering the game. The object of this game is to complete set tasks on each island and upon completing them, avatars are magically carried to the next island. Here you will find cheats for 3 Islands: Shark Tooth, Mythology and Super Power Island Betty Jetty.

Shark Tooth Island

Locate Medicine Man

First, obtain the grass skirt from carts located on Booga Island. Then select the salesman in order to receive a card for the grass skirt. Click your briefcase and select the grass skirt to clothe your avatar. You must complete this action; otherwise Medicine Man will not speak to you.

Now return to the Ancient Ruins and position yourself to the left of a large stone square. Thrust the square against the palm, vault overtop it, and seize the hanging vine. Beware of cascading coconuts. Keep climbing until you are in the presence of medicine man. He will guide you as to where you can find the missing components for the special potion. Then you will be required to rescue the professor and the lad.

Unlock Ancient Ruins

First unlock the door in the Ancient Ruins. Then enter the correct password into the tikki door by pressing the third, fourth, sixth and seventh triangles. Then press the large triangle in the middle of the tikki guard’s head to submit your password. The door will open, allowing you to enter into the ruins.

Locate ingredients

Locate the fizzy coconut milk at the bar on Main Street. Then find an old bone in the area of Ancient Ruins by opening the special tiki door and climbing downwards on the vine onto the shark statue and finally landing on a pit that is toothed. Fall through the tunnel at the bottom to retrieve the old bone. Return over the toothed pit this time and carry on through this tunnel till you arrive at the vine. Climb down the vine, and walk past the cave drawing; the key ingredient lies at the end. Head upwards on the vine and leave the ruins.

Overpower Great Booga

With the ingredients in hand, return to medicine man, who will assemble the special potion? Then return towards Booga Bay where first you will swim in the water and select “feed the sharks” signage. Aim at the coconut potion such that it falls into the water. Great Booga will consume this and slumber. Now you need to tread through the shark infested waters to arrive at the next place. Select the professor who will want you to take him and a boy back to the boy’s mother. Professor Hammerhead will give you a special island medallion made of gold, for finishing the challenge.


Cheats for Mythology Island: Get Cerberus Whisker

Reed Pipe

To get this item, use the Mythology Island map to arrive at the Minotaur Cave. Then go into the cave, on the right is the Music Temple. Head inside and on the right you will common upon many free pipes. Select the pile to take one.

Apollo’s Temple

Enter into Apollo’s temple, and then select the statue with the reed pipe and Apollo himself will arrive and teach you to play the song. If you play a perfect tune, you will pass her test and be rewarded with some notes that will be printed on a card for you to play. Then head to the Underworld, where you will find Cerberus standing in facing a large door. Start playing the pipe and if you play the notes correctly, Cerberus will go into a slumber. Once he sleeps, quickly but quietly go towards the beast and select one of the whiskers in order to remove it.

His whisker is the final item needed for you to give Hercules in return he will assist with conquering Zeus. Return to Hercules to present the special items.

Cheats for Super Power Island Betty Jetty

This task involves defeating six baddies with super powers including Betty Jetty.

Items for Superheroes

Head to Super Power Island and collect these items from the stores and buildings that are located there: a Superhero Handbook found at the Store that sells comic books, your costume and superhero identification card from Masks and Capes. Then swim to Priso Island where you will collect Super Villain files and anti-power handcuffs.

Copy Cats and Speeding Spikes

First you need to defeat five criminals: Copy Cat by obtaining all of the villain’s copies before the bank is consumed by smoke, Speeding Spike will be your next villain. Catch him by evading his charges and enticing him back to a spot on the floor that is wet. If he should slip and fall, arrest him promptly by placing the anti-power handcuffs on him. To get Sir Rebral, your character should be positioned in a manner such that the projecting rocks will target Sir Rebral and not you. As soon as the earth begins to shake, locate the grey moving rock and push it onto a piece of earth that is erupting. Ratman is next, and he lives in the sewerage system which can be accessed from the City Park bathroom. In order to defeat him, select the red wheel which will stun him and leap over the pipes to get him. Crusher will be the last criminal who calls the junkyard his home. To get him, creep past him to access the crane and leap inside. With the aid of certain controls, lift the refrigerator and drop it on Crusher.

Betty Jetty

Vanquishing these five criminals will unlock a hidden special power. First go to the costume shop and select the telephone that is ringing in the booth in order to receive flying abilities. Then head downtown and to locate the skyscraper which will be surrounded by police tape. Select the flight icon which will endow you with the ability to fly towards the roof where Betty Jetty resides. If she attempts to get away, chase after her, but make sure you dodge the green energy balls she might toss at you. You need to get close enough to be able to touch her. This will then the action remove Betty Jetty down to the roof where an eager Ned Noodlehead will help you to arrest her.