People expect more from video games today than simply provide entertainment. Developers are designing games that expand important skills in education such as Math and Reading that are part of the school curriculum. Online hosts like design activities for students as well as gear teachers to improve students’ classroom performance.

About Fun Brain

Poptropica funbrainPoptropica FunBrain was created by the Family Education Network in 1992, since then has been providing games that one can download, as well as teach many subjects. All games have no charge and pertain to age groups, ranging from age 6 to 17 years of age.

Examples of Games

Games at FunBrain address many subjects such as mathematics, the arts, sciences and history as well as geography. For example, in “Math Car” children can learn about adding and substracting, multiplying and dividing. When a child provides correct answers to the questions, their car will head towards the end. “Brain Bowl” requires a general knowledge base that holds competitions. They also feature a number of Reading games such as Grammar Gorillas and Word Confusion.

Games can be played in the same manner as you would play Sudoku, Sports and mazes. When the child completes a game with success, he or she will develop expertise with a school subject. This system also provides correct answers if the child makes errors.

At FunBrain, users can also find other games. “Poptropica” is a popular game which addresses sills like problem solving and logical reasoning.


FunBrain can be a useful resource in classrooms. Teachers can access sample quizzes to use in their classrooms. Teachers can register online to obtain teaching advice and updates for upcoming new games in order to assist their students. Parents can also subscribe to Fun Brain’s email updates.


Top 3 games:

1) Turbospot

Category: Education

Turbospot is an exciting action game! Why is that so? Because you are given a small time frame to find 1 difference out of 3 in each of 100 levels. There are many targets to collect and 50 levels more to unlock!

How to play: Spot and select the differences with your left mouse key. Collect as many completed targets as possible to unfold more levels and the difficult stage.


2) Minute Math Sequences


Minute Math Sequences are a new installment in the popular and successful Math Minute franchise that will flex your brain muscles! Answer as many chains as possible, all within a minute! Does this sound challenging enough for you?

3) Tommy vs Birds

Category: Adventure

Tommy vs Birds is a fun shooting adventure game where a greedy magpie steals a coin-filled purse. Tommy requires your assistance to retrieve his coins. You will need to fire blocks and gather coins. Complete over 29 fun-filled levels and answer 30 puzzles! Your purse must be safe guarded from those pesky magpies. This game is fun and free. It can be found at

Instructions: Help Tommy to get his coins back! Play with the mouse.